Welcome to a unique approach.

Dr Yardley and his team would like to welcome you to the Yardley Institute of Upper Cervical Health Sciences, located in Kent WA. The Yardley Institute serves the population of the state of Washington and indeed the entire global community. We have people that fly in from all over the US and other countries for care. The people consistently say that the reason they go to such lengths for this unique approach to care is simple: the doctors and the Institute deliver a unique blend of commitment to technical excellence and compassion. Not only can you expect the highest quality of clinical care, you can also expect to be given the individual attention that you need and deserve. The doctors and staff at the Institute have a deep belief in the ability of the body to heal itself and the doctors are committed to releasing the inborn potential we all have to be healthy. We spare no effort to provide the latest technology synthesized with time-tested protocols that have delivered decades of outstanding results on hundreds of thousands of cases.

What is unique about our approach?

Our care differs in two very important areas:

Unlike 90% of so-called "health care" facilities crossing the full spectrum of all professions, we really do seek to deliver Health Care, not disease care that calls itself health care. Regardless of profession or technique most disease care facilities deliver care that is focused on a diagnosis and an attempt to remove the sign and symptoms that are associated with that particular diagnosis. This approach, practiced by all professions including my own, has its place, but it is not "Health Care" it is disease care. As a society we are attempting to extract health care out of a disease care delivery system and that simply cannot be done. The Yardley Institute divorces itself from that approach. We deliver to each case we accept for care a fresh perspective. Rather than defining this as a disease, something that must be eliminated, instead we focus what is stopping the body from being healthy and what will ultimately restore the body to health.

The second difference is we limit our practice to defining and correcting an impediment to the expression of health, a compromise in the Brain-Body connection. We do this in a way few other facilities in the world do.

Together these differences form the basis of our delivery of "Health Care". By restoring a compromised Brain – Body connection we restore the operation of the control systems and the network of communications that when compromised interfere with the bodies own self - healing abilities.

Why do people recommend Dr. Yardley and the Yardley Institute? View what more than 70 people have said about the doctors, staff, and care they have received at the Yardley Institute and why they recommend it.

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